2nd International Conference on Agriculture, Environment and Biological Sciences (ICAEBS-15) August 16-17, 2015 Bali (Indonesia) Back

Prof. Dr. Akos Lakatos
Prof. Bülent TOPCUOGLU




Sr.No. Paper Title & Author(s) Page No.
1 Bio-Efficacy of Some Botanicals and karate in the Management of Cabbage Diamondback Moth (Plutella xylostella L.) (Lepidoptera:Plutellidae) in Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria
Degri M.M., and Zakaria, D
2 Influence of Vermicompost and Compost Application to the Growth and Yield of Jasmine in Chiangmai, Thailand
Weena Nilawonk, and Arnat Tansho
3 Optimization Of Mycelial Growth And Exopolysaccharide Production By Pleurotus Pulmonarius Using Response Surface Methodology
Anandapandian Kanapathy Thangavel Kasirajan, and Eyini
4 Estimation CO2 Fixation by Rubber Plantation
Alchemi Putri Juliantika Kdiana, Aprizal Alamsyah, Sherly Hanifarianty, and Thomas Wijya
5 Effects Of Aqueous Extracts of Petroselinumsativumon On Some Blood Serum Biochemical Factors And Hepatotoxicity On Ethylene Glycol-Induced Kidney Calculi In Rats
Jafar saeidi ,Mehri lotfi, Ramrudi Parisa
6 A Preliminary Assessment of Cotton Gin Waste-Mixture Co-gasification Performance
Elita R Widjaya, Guangnan Chen, Leslie Bowtell, and Catherine Hills
7 Optimization Stimulant Gas for Several Tapping System Models Since The Start of Opening
Mudita Oktorina Nugrahani, Akhmad Rouf, Yoga Bagus S. Aji, and Setiono
8 Phytotoxic Effects of the Aqueous Extract of Ludwigia Hyssopifolia (G. Don) Exell on the Growth of Rice Seedlings
B.S Ismail, A. B. Siddique, M.A. Tayeb.
9 A Case Study On The Implementation Of The Bull Loan Program In Select Pcc Regional Centers
Gian Carlo E. Bumanlag, Melanie P. Tolentino, Eiffel D. Manlapig, Eric P. Palacpac
10 A comparative study of zooplankton diversity and abundance from three different types of water body
Azma Hanim Ismail and Siti Azrin Zaidin
11 Evaluation of American Colonial Policy on Agriculture: The Case of Rice Production Industry in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 1902-1940
Jay B. Villafria, Jr.
12 Designing A Low-Cost Waste Management Plan At The University Of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Faisel M. Abu-Duhier, Dr. Bernard C. Silvala
13 Fingerprinting and Quantification of Selected Heavy Metals in Meso- and Microplastics Sampled From Santubong and Trombol Beach, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Victor James Noik, Piakong Mohd. Tuah, Lau Seng, Mahyar Sakari
14 The Study of Wild Rice as Genetic Stocks for Drought Improvement of Rice in Acid Soil Areas
Pitchayasinee Ariyatanakatawong
15 Sucrose Enhanced Lipid Accumulation in Dunaliella sp. KU24 under Salt Stress
Korrawan Sudprasert, Niran Juntawong, Prasart Kermanee and Sittiruk Roytrakul

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