2nd International Conference on Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Sciences (ICCBES-15) May 20-21, 2015 Dubai (UAE) Back


Prof. Dr. Akos Lakatos
Prof. Dr. Jimmy (C.M.) Kao

ISBN 978-93-84468-24-8 



Sr.No. Paper Title & Author(s) Page No.
1 Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies For the Adsorption of Amoxicillin from Aqueous Solution on Carbonized Groundnut Shells
U.J. Ahile, S.O. Adejo, M.S. Tughgba, R.L. Tyohemba, and S.O. Ama
2 A Faunistic Comparative study of families Pieridae and Papilionidae (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) of Syrian Arab Republic and Republic of Armenia
Zarikian, N., and Kalashian, M.
3 The Effect of Rice Husk on the Chemical Properties of Clay Soil
Hamzat Isah
4 Analysis of SVOCs in micro chamber thermal extracted emissions from household dust
F.S Mohammed, and D. Crump
5 Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Mineral, Vitamins and Cooking Properties of Sorrel (Hibiscus Sabdariffa Ll) Seeds
T.A. Sanni, J.O. Ogundele, E.M. Ogunbusola, and O. Oladimeji
6 Comparative Study of the Effects of Sodium Sulphate and Sodium Acetate on Some Functional Properties of Some Melon Seed Flours: Protein Solubility Profile and Water Absorption Capacity
Ogundele, J. O.
7 Phytochemical Analysis of Bioactive Extracts of Sclerocarya Birrea
Mohammed Mukhtar Mohammed, Harami M Adamu, and Bello K.A.

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