Aims and Objectives

International Academy of Arts, Science & Technology (IAAST) is a an organization that promotes the  Arts, Science & Technology, related latest developments and issues to be discussed and experimented through interactions amongst the researchers and academician across the globe at a common platform.
The IAAST have the following objectives:
  • Globalize the education so that Research scholars from different regions can communicate with each other through a common platform.
  • Publish Journals in different areas of Research for sharing their research work.
  • Organize Conferences for providing common platform so that researchers can gain knowledge in their area of interest by interacting with the experts.
  • Organize Workshops/Seminars for upgradation and awareness of latest technologies.
  • Help students, faculty and researchers in various discipline so that they can enhance their knowledge in different areas of research.
  • Cooperate with institutions of higher learning in any part of the country having objectives similar to those of the the society. 

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