International Conference on Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences (ICABES-14) Dec. 8-9, 2014 Bali (Indonesia) Back

Prof. Dr. Jimmy (C.M.) Kao
Prof. Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman

ISBN: 978-93-84468-09-5


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1Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas using a Fixed Bed of Regenerated Steel Wool
Antonio-Abdu Sami M. Magomnang, and Prof. Eliseo P. Villanueva, Ph.D.
2Online System with Push Notifications for Oil Palm Harvest Monitoring and Scheduling
Siriwan Wongkoon, Chanunchita Pukdeejumroon, and Suwisan Saenthawee
3Selective Isolation of Actinomycetes from Mangrove Forest of Pahang, Malaysia
Nurfathiah Abdul Malek, Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury, Zarina Zainuddin, and Zaima Azira Zainal Abidin
4Constraints to, Challenges of, and Opportunities for Rearing Goats in Bali Province. A Case Study: Rearing Goats in Karangasem Regency
L. Doloksaribu, B. P. McLachlan, R. S. Copland, and P. J. Murray
5Salt Stress and Heavy Metals Toxicity Alleviation in Wheat Cultivars Grown under Saline Soil
Gaballah M.S, E.F.Abdallah, and S.Leithy
6Environmental Security: What Conceptual Framework?
Svatava Janoušková, Tomáš Hák, and Alena Oulehlová
7An Experimental Investigation of the Fruit Drying Performance of a Heat Pump Dryer
Adonis A. Closas, and Prof. Eliseo P. Villanueva, Ph.D.
8Thidiazuron Induce High Frequency Direct Somatic Embryogenesis Growth from Cotyledon Culture of Eurycoma Longifolia
Dhiya Dalila Zawawi, Hafsah Ja’afar, Rokiah Zainuddin, Rodziah Kari, and Madihah Mohd Noor
9Regional Effects on Fruit Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Two Apple Varieties Grown In Libya
Yosef I. Geddeda, and H. Belal
10Anthropogenic and Environmental Factors Influencing Water Quality of Cagayan de Oro River: Implications To Tourism Development
Susan Daisy A. Raagas, Eliseo P. Villanueva
11The Occurrence of Plastic Microdebris on the Beaches of Santubong and Trombol in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Victor James Noik
12Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria from Sediment of Coastal Water of Pahang Malaysia
Nurhazlin Ab Rahman, Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury, and Zaima Azira Zainal Abidin
13Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Pomegranate Peel Extract
Nesrine M. Hegazi, Amani N. Hashim, Nahla A.ayoub, and Sahar A. Hussien
14Antibacterial Efficiency of Nanofiber Membranes with Biologically Active Nanoparticles
Daniela Lubasova, and Smykalova Barbora
15New Run Time Adaptations For Cloud-Based Applications
Usman Hamza

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