International Conference on Latest Trends in Food, Biological & Ecological Sciences (ICLTFBE-14) July 15-16, 2014 Phuket (Thailand) Back


Prof. Dr. Wen-Pei Sung   
Prof. Dr. Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk

ISBN: 978-93-84468-01-9



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Microbiological and Chromatographic Studies of Petroleum Biodegradation Process
Astashkina A., Leonov K., and Plotnikov E
2An Investigation of Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Methanol Extract of Syzygium malaccense on Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Raw 264.7 Macrophages
Yun Pin Ooi, Ying Pei Wong, Rhun Yian Koh, and Anna PK Ling
3Environmental Management of Livestock Producers as an Economic Alternative in Fusagasugá. Colombia
Natalia Escobar
4Effect of BAP and NAA on Growth Optimization of Vigna Unguiculata Subsp Sesquipedalis
Nor Azlina Hasbullah, Muhammad Mohd Lassim, Muhammad Al-Amin Mazlan, Siti Zubaidah Lood, and Mohd Loqmanul Hakim Kamaruldzaman
5The Hydrological Regimes,Water Quality Assesment and Trophic Status Of The Reservoir (Case Study: Jatiluhur Cascade Citarum Reservoir)
Lieza Corsita, Arwin, Barti Setiani Muntalif, and Indah Rachmatiah S. Salami
6Establishment of an Efficient Plant Regeneration and Callus Induction in (Cucumis sativum L.)
Mazlan M.A.A, Hasbullah N.A, Lood S.Z., and Lassim M.M
7Micropropagation and Callus Induction in Lagenaria siceraria L
Lood, S. Z., Hasbullah, N.A., Mazlan, M. A. A. and Lassim, M. M
8Local Food System for Rural Revitalization: A Case Study of the Wanju County, South Korea
Baram Hwang
9Climate change and Environmental laws in India
Dr. Sharvan kumar Saini
10Extract of Brotowali Sistem (Tinospora crispa) as a Natural Larvasidal Aedes aegypti that Doesn’t Famage the Environment and Humans
HilmaEka Masitoh, Muhammad Rifki Taufik, and Gama Setyoningsih
11Coastal and Mangrove Eco-Tourism in Catanduanes Island (Philippines): A Menace or a Bonus
Minerva I. Morales, Jimmy T. Masagca, Aurora E. Araojo, and Sonia R. Vargas

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